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Give your business the edge

Is your office in a location where on-street parking is difficult to find or restricted by short time limitations and changing conditions?

Are you looking for new ways to provide your customers with an extra level of service? 

Give your business the edge by offering clients and visitors the convenience and benefit of parking with Secure-a- Spot VIP Parking. There’s no need to place repeat orders for vouchers, the convenience of providing parking is only a mouse click away! 

Best of all you’ll be in complete control of your guests parking expenses through the VIP Parking Web Tool which can be personalised to match your brand and programmed to meet your company’s clients and visitors parking requirements.

Coming to a Secure Parking Car Park Near You

'Secure-a-Spot VIP parking – the hassle free way to purchase parking

Parking on the street in any major city is practically impossible. That’s why it makes good business sense to provide your valued clients with the convenience of off street parking. With Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking your guests can park at your preferred car park and arrive at your offices free of street parking stress. 

Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking offers a simple and hassle-free way to pre-book parking at your preferred Secure Parking car park and thank your customers every time they visit with parking.

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How does Secure-a-Spot VIP parking work?

When you sign-up for Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking, you’ll be issued with a customised VIP Parking Web Tool that gives you access to a range of pre-booked parking products at the Secure Parking car park which is most convenient to your location. 

The web-tool enables you to book parking in a car park for a specific date and time period and when the booking transaction has been completed you’ll be able to send a personalised confirmation message via email to your client or guest. The confirmation email includes a four-digit PIN number that will become your guest’s exclusive key to enter and exit the car park. And to eliminate any risk of fraud, the PIN Number can only be used once for each transaction. 

All your guest has to do is enter the Secure-a- Spot Access PIN at the orange Secure-a-Spot touch pods in the clearly marked Pre-Booking lanes at the specified car park when they arrive or exit the car park.

Providing you with VIP support to match the VIP service

As part of the set-up process for all VIP Parking customers, your Secure Parking Representative will analyse your current parking requirements and put together a VIP Parking package that includes parking rates that meet your requirements. 

In addition, they will provide you with training to ensure that you hit the ground running. The advanced functionality within the VIP Parking allows you to set user permission controls as well as enable parking usage to be identified by internal cost centres. 
You’ll also get access to a suite of reports that will assist you in managing your company’s parking expenses. And for that extra special level of service we can arrange for the VIP Parking Web Tool and messages to your clients to reflect your companies brand and image.

Each month you’ll receive one itemised bill for Secure-a-Spot VIP parking

There’s no need to worry about arranging petty cash payments or processing reimbursements for parking. At the end of each month, you receive an itemised bill outlining all your company’s VIP Parking bookings and activity.

When it comes to providing your customers with convenient parking, Secure-a-Spot is the smarter way to do business. Included among our huge range of VIP Parking customers are advertising agencies, restaurants, law firms, gymnasiums, hotels and more.

To find out how you can set up a Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking account call 0345 050 7080. 
Secure Parking is now part of National Car Parks, whose Customer Service teams will respond to your enquiry.

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