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Secure a Spot Terms & Conditions



S&K Car Park Management Ltd trading as Secure Parking is a private limited company registered in England, Company No. 07401550 whose registered office is at is at Saffron Court 14B St Cross Street London EC1N 8XA, UK. VAT registration number is 239 0546 59. Contact number 0345 050 7080 or via email on (we, us and other similar expressions) offers the Secure-a-Spot parking reservation service (Secure-a-Spot) in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below.


Access PIN means a five-digit personal identification number that we issue to you when you make a Reservation that is to be used to enter and exit from the Car Park and is valid for a single entry and exit.

Car Park means the Secure Parking car park specified in your Reservation.

Parking Fee means the fee (including VAT) payable by you for the cost of parking in the Car Park during the Reservation Period.

Reservation means the reservation of a parking bay at a Secure Parking car park that: 
you request through the Secure-a-Spot service, and we accept by issuing you an Access PIN and reservation confirmation.

Reservation Fee means the fee (if any) payable by you to us for the cost of administering your Reservation.

Reservation Period means the period of time covering:
a) the times set out in your Reservation Confirmation to enter and exit the Car Park and
b) The additional period of time during which you may enter the car park prior to the times set out in the Reservation Confirmation without incurring additional charges and which is specified as the Entry Grace Period in your Reservation Confirmation.

Standard Rates means the rates for parking in the Car Park outside the Reservation Period.

Booking Fee means an additional fee that will be added to a Secure-a-Spot transaction.  Only one booking fee will apply to a transaction that includes multiple days/bays.

Cancellation Fee means a fee that will be charged to the customer's account when the customer decides to cancel his/her booking.


2.1 By completing the Secure-a-Spot registration process, you agree to be bound by: 
(a) these terms of use; 
(b) the terms and conditions of the relevant Secure Parking car park displayed at the entry to the car park; and
(c) our Privacy Policy and our Website Terms of Use, which are incorporated into and form part of these terms of use, (collectively, the Secure-a-Spot Terms).


3.1 We may change the Secure-a-Spot Terms at any time by publishing the varied terms on our website, (our website). You accept that by us doing this, we have provided you with sufficient notice of the variation and agree to be bound by the most current version of the Secure-a-SpotTM Terms published on our website. 
3.2 If you object to the Secure-a-Spot Terms or any variation to them, or you become dissatisfied with your use of Secure-a-Spot service in any way, your only remedy, other than any remedy which cannot be excluded by law, is to stop using the Secure-a-Spot service.


4.1 In order to make a Reservation you must register as a user of Secure-a-Spot. You must be at least 18 years of age and be a UK resident to register. Registration is free. 
4.2 We may refuse your registration at our sole discretion. 
4.3 During the registration process you will be required to provide a unique email address and nominate a password to be used to access your Secure-a-Spot account. It is your responsibility to ensure that your password is kept confidential at all times. 
4.4 Your Secure-a-Spot account is unique to you and is not transferable. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your Secure-a-Spot account. 
4.5 If you are one of our employees, or you are an immediate family member of one of our employees, you may still register as a user of Secure-a-Spot, however, you may not be eligible for all offers, promotions or competitions promoted by us. Please refer to the terms and conditions for the particular offer, promotion or competition for further details. 
4.6 You must ensure that any registration details you provide when registering are accurate and you must notify us of any change to your registration details as originally supplied. You may do this at any time by logging into the Secure-a-Spot website and clicking on ‘My Account'.


5.1 You can request the reservation of a parking bay at a Secure Parking car park by accessing your Secure-a-Spot account and completing and submitting the online reservation form. 
5.2 If your reservation request is accepted by us we will send you by email a reservation confirmation setting out details of the confirmation and an Access PIN for that reservation. 
5.3 A Reservation is only valid for the particular times, date, product, price and Car Park set out in the reservation confirmation. If you have a Reservation with specified entry and exit times:
a) If you enter before or after specified booking entry times or within 15 minutes of your booking transaction, your PIN will not work and you will be required to pay for standard rates if you park at the Car Park.
b) If you exit before or after specified booking exit times, your PIN will allow exit and your nominated credit card will be debited the difference between the combined Reservation Fee and Parking Fee, and the maximum Secure-a-Spot Casual Hourly Rates.
5.4 You must only use the Access PIN we provide to you at the Car Park.
5.5 We may limit the number of Reservations per person.


6.1 Each time you make a Reservation you must pay us the Booking Fee and the Parking Fee, using any of the credit cards we accept. 
6.2 We will confirm the total Booking Fee and Parking Fee before you submit your online reservation form. 
6.3 You must include valid credit card details on your online reservation form. By submitting your online reservation form you 
authorise us to debit the Booking Fee and Parking Fee from that credit card. 
6.4 The details of the credit card used when completing a Reservation will be stored externally (in encrypted format) on a PCI compliant Card Safe service. The credit card details will be retained and be linked to your Secure-a-Spot account for future Reservations. 
6.5 On completion of your Reservation we will email you a reservation confirmation which will serve as receipt of your payment of the Booking Fee and Parking Fee.


7.1 You may cancel a Reservation at any time up to 24 Hours before the start of the Reservation Period and we will refund the Parking Fee to you for that Reservation. The booking fee is not refundable and a cancellation fee of £1.50 applies. You must log into your Secure-a-Spot profile and select My Account and confirm cancellation of Reservation.
7.2 If you cancel a Reservation less than 24 Hours before the start of the Reservation Period we will not refund you the Booking Fee or Parking Fee. 
7.3 You may amend the time and date specified in a Reservation at any time up to 24 Hours before the start of the Reservation Period. After that time, you may not make any amendments
7.4 We will not refund your Booking Fee or Parking Fee if you do not redeem your Reservation unless one of the exceptions in clause 8 applies.


8.1 In some circumstances we may cancel your Reservation, elect not to provide you with the services requested in your Reservation, or be unable to provide you with the services requested in your Reservation. 
8.2 If an event in clause 8.1 occurs, we will refund you the Reservation Fee and Parking Fee, unless the event was caused by your failure to comply with the Secure-a-Spot Terms. 
8.3 In no circumstances will we refund you the Booking Fee or the Parking Fee if our inability to provide you with the services requested in your Reservation is caused by you failing to attend the Car Park during the Reservation Period.


9.1 Payment of the Booking Fee and Parking Fee entitles you to park your vehicle at any available parking bay at the Car Park during the Reservation Period. Parking Bays marked as Reserved for Permanent Parkers are not available for use by Secure-a-Spot customers.
9.2 If you arrive before the Reservation Period starts your Access PIN will not work and you must return later or pay standard car park rates in addition to the Reservation Fee and Parking Fee. If you leave after the Reservation Period ends, you may be charged additional fees at our Secure-a-Spot Casual Hourly Rates (even if your total stay is for no longer than the Reservation Period).

9.3 Early Bird and Super Early Bird are special discounted products providing users comply with the entry and exit time restrictions stated against their booking. If users do not enter between the entry time frame stated their booking is forfeit. If users exit outside the exit time frames (earlier or later) they will incur additional charges.

9.4 We will not provide any refund if your total stay is shorter than the Reservation Period.

9.5 Access PIN allows you a single entry/exit only per booking.


10.1 Drivers are responsible to ensure they arrive within the time frames set against the product they book.

10.2 When you arrive at the Car Park you must enter the Access PIN in the designated Secure-a-Spot entry terminal and follow the instructions set out in your reservation confirmation. If you take a ticket at the entry instead of using the 5-digit Access Code on the Secure-a-Spot Touch Screen, you may be liable to pay for parking at the standard rate for the period parked, in addition to the Secure-a-Spot online transaction.
10.3 If you use a 5-digit code that is different to the Access PIN or if you have previously used the Access PIN, or the Secure Parking car park you wish to enter does not match the Car Park in your reservation confirmation, you will not be able to access the Car Park using the Access PIN. 
10.4 At all times you must comply with the terms and conditions of the Car Park which are displayed at the entrance to the Car Park.


11.1 When you leave the Car Park you must enter the Access PIN in the designated Secure-a-Spot exit terminal and follow the instructions set out in your reservation confirmation. 
11.2 If you use a 5-digit code that is different to the Access PIN or if you have previously used the Access PIN at an exit terminal, you will not be able to leave the Car Park using the Access PIN.


12.1 Each Car Park has specific height limits for vehicles which must be followed. You must ensure that your vehicle does not exceed the height limit for the Car Park.
12.2 You can check on the height limit for a Car Park by clicking on the link to the information page for the Car Park on our website. You are not entitled to a refund of the Reservation Fee, Booking 
fee or Parking Fee if the vehicle used to access the Car Park using the Access PIN exceeds the height limits.


13.1 As a registered user of Secure-a-Spot you consent to: 
(a) us sending you electronic messages including SMS, MMS, and email regarding any promotional, marketing and publicity activities that we may offer; and 
(b) our selected third-party partners sending you electronic messages SMS, MMS, and email regarding any promotional, marketing and publicity activities that they may offer. 
13.2 You have the right to unsubscribe from receiving any further electronic messages of the kind described in clause 13.1 by: 
(a) by following the unsubscribe directions electronic messages received from us; 
(b) by contacting the third party directly (in the case of electronic messages from 
third party partners); 
(c) emailing us at


14.1 You may terminate your registration of Secure-a-Spot at any time by emailing us at


15.1 We do not guarantee that: 
(a) the Secure-a-Spot service will be available at all times; 
(b) your use of the Secure-a-Spot service will be uninterrupted or 
error free
(c) the Secure-a-Spot service will be available for use at all Secure Parking car parks;
(d) promotion codes will always be available for redemption based on a specific code reaching its quota within a specific car park for a specific date;


16.1 Terms, conditions, warranties and guarantees implied by law which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified apply to the Secure-a-Spot Terms to the extent required by that law. 
16.2 We exclude to the extent permitted by law all other terms, conditions, warranties
and guarantees which might be implied into the Secure-a-Spot Terms. 
16.3 You do not rely on any representation, warranty or other provision made by us or on our behalf which is not expressly stated in the Secure-a-Spot Terms. 
16.4 Subject to clause 16.1 we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage,
however caused (including through breach of contract, breach of statute, negligence or other tort
), which you may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with your use Secure-a-Spot, nor do we accept any responsibility for any loss arising out of any suspension or termination of your registration of Secure-a-Spot or any variation of the Secure-a-Spot Terms.


17.1 We are committed to your privacy.  Our contact details are available by visiting

17.2 We generally collect personal information about you directly from you, but may also collect personal information about you from third parties. 

17.3 We use your personal information to provide our services to you, to seek your feedback and improve our service, to carry out management and administrative activities, to conduct research and to communicate with you.  If all the information is not provided, we may not be able to supply our services. 

17.4 Your personal information may be disclosed to our related entities, service providers and contractors, auditors, and we may be required, as a result of contractual obligations, to disclose personal information we collect to landlords of parking facilities we operate.

17.5 We have a privacy policy which includes information about how we collect, store, use and disclose your personal information; about how you may access the personal information about you that we hold, and how you may seek correction of that information; and about how you may complain about a breach by us of the Australian Privacy Principles, and how we will deal with such a complaint. 

17.6 We are likely to disclose limited amounts of your personal information to recipients located in Australia, for account management and administrative purposes. 

17.7 A copy of our privacy policy is available upon request or by visiting 


18.1 The Secure-a-Spot Terms supersede any prior agreements between you and us in respect of the Secure-a-Spot service.
18.2 Our failure to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Secure-a-Spot Terms must not be treated as a waiver of the right or provision. 
18.3 If any of the Secure-a-Spot Terms are held to be invalid, unenforceable, or illegal for any reason, the remaining terms of use are to continue in full force. 
18.4 Your rights and obligations under the Secure-a-Spot Terms are personal and may not be assigned or dealt with in any way without our approval, which we may withhold in our absolute discretion. 
18.5 The Secure-a-Spot Terms and the relationship between you and us are governed by the laws in force in the UK without regard to its conflict of law provisions. You agree to submit to the personal and non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the UK
18.6 You must not purport to re-sell or lease a Reservation.   We do not supply parking under the Secure-a-Spot Terms, or through, any entity which engages in commercial activities relating to finding, marketing or supply of parking, whether on its own behalf or as agent for others (parking intermediary).   You warrant that neither you nor anyone acting for you in respect of the Reservation is a parking intermediary.  We may cancel without refund and without prior notice any Reservation which we determine has been purportedly re-sold or leased or which we determine has been made in breach of the warranty in this clause. 


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