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Hourly Parking

Use this type of parking for short stops and last minute parking

Casual Hourly Parking is available to our customers that want short term parking for their shopping and business needs. Parking by the hour gives you the ability to pay for only the time you need to park and leave anytime that suits.

Casual or hourly parking can be purchased upon arrival when you drive-up to the car park but you can also book your casual parking online via Secure-a-Spot.

Casual parking is available at all Secure Parking Car Parks but the rates and hours of availability are different at each Car Park. Please check the details of the Casual Parking, at the location you want, using the online rates table, on each car park information page or at the car park located on the rates board.


Did you know parking is up to 60% cheaper when you Book Online with Secure-a-Spot? It’s a no brainer to book ahead and save…


We have created multiple parking types designed to suit your parking needs, which can be purchased in cost-effective parking blocks or deals:

Early Bird Parking

Evening Parking

Weekend Parking

Gift Cards

Airport Parking

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